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By Brad Callen

Ok, so I’m being asked a lot lately how I got into the whole internet marketing scene, so I figured I might as well write a blog post about it. I’m not a big fan of writing… so I’m going to make this as “to the point” as possible for both my benefit and yours, since I’m assuming you probably don’t enjoy reading fluff. So here goes.

1. After I graduated college in 2001, I Worked in an IT department for a company in Batesville, IN called Batesville Casket Company. I worked there for around a year or so. As some of you probably know, working in an IT department is very much like the movie “Office Space”. I would actually work for about an hour each day and then have 7 hours to either stare at the computer screen OR surf the web. I’ve always been interested in figuring out new ways to make money, so I found myself searching online for all sorts of “make money” type ideas/programs etc.

2. I came across some eBay selling course and bought it for about 20 bucks. Read through it and it motivated me to start selling things on eBay. Instead of selling junk from home, I searched through eBay looking for small items that people were selling. Not “junk items”, but “new items”. Things that I assumed they bought wholesale from somewhere and then sold them directly on eBay. Buy low, sell high. Back then, there was a section on eBay that was free, where you could actually see what any item actually sold for. Doing this, I could get a good idea on how much I could afford to pay for something wholesale, in order to sell “high” on eBay and make a profit.

Through my research while at my day job, I came across a couple of things that people were selling for much higher than what I could get them wholesale for. I tried to look for small items like sports cards, or electronic devices etc. Stuff that could easily be shipped, but could be sold for a decent amount. (more…)

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